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we offer our clients premium investment services with low commissions while setting the landmark in the brokerage industry

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we provide investment plans to suite the needs of our clients. we are licensed and authorised to manage your funds

who we are

The threshold investment team provides world-class, long/short-term investment schemes without high costs commisions as compared to other online brokerage platforms.

Our cutting-edge improvised system of wealth management helps our clients to earn the best return-on-investment(ROI), while minimising running costs, tax bills and other running costs. Here's a list of why we stand out amongst other competitors.

  • Instant and secure transactions.
  • Excellent trading equiptments
  • High-Return-On-Investments(High-ROI)
  • Reliable customer support
  • Suitable investment plans for our clients
  • Top security system
  • Team of professional traders and investment experts
  • Unbeatable promotion system
  • Gurranteed cash-return on termination of contract

Our Special Services

We offer special investment services that you cant afford to not be a part of.

Forex/Crypto Investments

Threshold team of experts are strategists and experienced in many forex Financial instruments .

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Mutual Funds Investments

Our Fund managers are experienced in handling securites to give our clients the best returns.

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Financial Updates and Advisory

Your success is our prioty, our financial advisory team will guide you to make the right decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here to answer your questions. get the answers to the top questions new customers ask us on daily bases.

Threshold is an online investment platform that gears towards providing High-Return on investment to its clients as well as Purpose to them. We are here to support our clients, ranging from students to working class individuals who are upto 18 years or older and have a citizenship/residency status in our specified country listings 

Our team of experts uses unique algorithms and also makes use of our excellent trading equiptment to minimise loss and maximise profits. during seasons of high returns, we reserve our profits to make up for seasons of low returns. we make sure that each client receives a percentage of their seed money on termination of contract.

locate any of the "Get Started" buttons or the "register" button and register your details, choose payment method that applies to your investment plan. As soon as payment is confirmed by our team of experts, we will commence trading on your account within 24hrs.

As indicated on our investment listings for different plans, we provide or send the stated/agreed returns to each client accounts exactly one month/as specified after investing with us.

Our fees are always fair and flat, depending on type of plan each client may decide to embark on, we charge a percent fee as specified on the pricing page according to the invested fund.

When it comes to investing, there is always some risk associated. Your investments within Threshold portfolios are not impacted if something happens to Threshoold. Threshold is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) and regulated under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The security of our clients is of paramount importance, We take pride in our strong culture of regulation and compliance.

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Our Clients Say

This is what some of our clients say about us, we will be pleased to hear your testimony someday.

Brayden Shar


After having some problems and loss of trust in most financial companies that i invested with, i was advised by a colleague in the office to try out Threshold. Now that i'm with threshold i feel doubly secure.

Robert Kyle

forex, IML

Many thanks to Threshold wealth investments, because of the investments my family has made,we have been able to support our four daughters in their education. we are grateful for your effortless work.

Brayden Shar


Since Began using Threshold services, i have already recommended them to two of my friends. One of them has compounded their investments. i will not hesitate to recommend more friends.

Robert Kyle


I have been very pleased with the results thus far and feel completely comfortable with contacting Threshold team with any future questions, thanks to the threshold advisory team

Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of any investment company before investing. please contact our support for more information. Read carefully before investing.